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A financial projection template built specifically for ecommerce businesses.
Now, with advanced inventory modeling to help you plan for the future.
Our ProjectionHub software has been used by over 1,000 ecommerce businesses to develop financial projections.  Based on this experience we decided to create a customized Excel template that makes creating investor-ready financial projections for ecommerce financial models incredibly simple. 
Step 1: Start with our industry standard ecommerce model. 
Step 2: Build your advanced inventory model
Our template helps you set scalable costs and re-order quantity, and desired inventory levels based on sales for up to 10 different products or product categories, then does all the calculating for you. 
Step 3: Customize other assumptions based on your specific business plan.
You can quickly customize dozens of assumptions including:
  • Equipment:  Buy vs. lease
  • Financing Terms: Loan and investment terms
  • Growth Rates: Change your growth rates
  • Margins: Adjust your expected gross profit margins
  • Build out: Adjust your build out or construction costs
  • Hiring: Change the salaries and timeline for hiring employees
What is included in the model?
  • Unlocked Excel file:  All equations are visible and editable 
  • 5 years: Monthly and annual summary projections for 5 years
  • 3 Statements: Income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet included
  • Sources: We cite our data sources in comments throughout the model
  • SBA Ready: The model will meet the requirements for an SBA loan
  • Graphs, tables and charts: Includes helpful summary graphs and charts 
As an entrepreneur you have 1,000 things to figure out.  
Save your brain cells from the spreadsheet pain, and just take our template!
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